25 Thoughts for Practice

  1. Practice now and you will be that much better than you were yesterday.
  2. The day wasted today is the day a dying person wished to live tomorrow.
  3. When you think it is too late to begin practicing, it is only, really, the earliest.
  4. Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
  5. The pain of practicing is only for a moment, but the pain of not having practiced is forever.
  6. Practice is not the lack of time, but lack of effort.
  7. Happiness is not proportional to academic achievement, yet success is.
  8. Right now, your friends are practicing their pieces over and over. And over.
  9. Practice is not everything in life, but if you are unable to conquer the obstacles of practice that is only a part of life, what will you be able to achieve in life?
  10. Block out the pain that comes with practice.
  11. To be able to taste even a drop of success, be early and diligent.
  12. Success does not come to just anybody, but it comes to those who are self-controlled and hard-working.
  13. Time never stops. Ever.
  14. Saliva you drooled today will be tears falling tomorrow.
  15. If you don't walk today, you will have to run tomorrow.
  16. A person who works hard today is the person who gets the prize tomorrow.
  17. Today will never return again.
  18. No pain, no gain.
  19. If you close the door to the present, the door to the future closes as well.
  20. Musical achievement is directly proportional to the absolute amount of time invested.
  21. Great achievements happen while others are dreaming.
  22. To say something is impossible is an excuse made up by people who do not try.
  23. The payoff of efforts never disappear without redemption.
  24. The finish line is just in front of you. Why not stretch your arms? Just a little more!
  25. Always pursue to the top. The most effort will give the greatest happiness yet.